Integrative Exercise and Yoga Specialist

It's no secret that your body and your mind are changed in positive ways by regular physical activity. 

I've witnessed the renewed sense of well-being and inner strength that result from a consistent movement practice. With more than 20 years as an independent practitioner, I've developed an inclusive, integrative approach to fitness - one that helps you find the style and intensity appropriate for your long-term health goals. 

What I offer as a Medical Exercise Specialist and experienced yoga teacher is my ability to integrate yoga, exercise and stress reduction practices in a way that supports your quest for health, whether you are:

  • healing from an illness
  • recovering from an injury
  • feeling the call for more vitality in your life

✧ Individual and Small Group Instruction
I offer personalized instruction – individual programs focused on post-rehabilitation and optimum well-being, and several group classes – in Bethesda, MD and the surrounding DC metropolitan area. 

✧ Health Partnerships
I partner with community, health and business organizations, providing instructive and experiential workshops on the benefits exercise, yoga and other body-mind practices for health and healing.

My mission is to help you understand and work with your habitual or post-surgical movement patterns in order to develop a safe, enjoyable and consistent fitness practice.

When we work together, you will gain strength and resilience, learn strategies to help you manage stress, and meet your personal goals for healthy aging.

Every relationship begins with a conversation, and I’d love to have one with you. Contact me, and we’ll arrange a time to talk about how my integrative approach to exercise and yoga can support your health and well-being.