Post-rehabilitative exercise and body-mind practices
For healing and optimum well-being

Hello, I’m Kym Sevilla.

As an integrative exercise and yoga specialist in private practice, I create personalized movement programs for clients who come to me for:

  • Post-rehabilitative exercise and yoga
  • Optimum well-being

✧ Post-rehab programs are intended to support those who are finding a way back to their “new normal” after experiencing life-altering illness or orthopedic challenges.

Cleared by their doctor or physical therapist for general exercise, they are often left questioning the next steps, or are not confident about how to proceed safely with an exercise or yoga program.

✧ Optimum well-being programs support people over 50 who want to live with healthy, resilient bodies and minds. While mainstream publications and websites offer countless ways to invite health and wellness into their lives, the information can be too generalized, or worse – conflicting, confusing and overwhelming.

It’s often difficult to decide how or where to start with a new activity, or how to avoid injury.

My gift is the ability to integrate body-mind and yoga practices with traditional exercise to create refined, individualized programs designed to improve strength, resilience and grounded well-being.

I have been deeply involved with both the fitness industry and yoga studies for over 30 years.

My love for physical activity and practice was established early on with gymnastics, competitive diving and swimming. As a young adult in the 80's, I took my first yoga classes at the YWCA in Washington DC and taught aerobic exercise classes in the first generation of studios that emerged in the city.

During those years and well into the next decades, it was unusual to be both a yoga practitioner and an exercise trainer. My yoga practice supported a different kind of well-being, reaching beyond simple physical fitness. For many years I worked happily in the exercise world and also regularly attended yoga classes because I loved the deeper experience I was having in that environment.

Movement practices of all kinds are now recognized as essential to health, and my two loves – yoga and exercise – have come to influence one another on many levels.

It seems natural now that exercise scientists and neurologists are studying the effects of meditation and other body-mind practices, while yoga professionals are learning about anatomy as well as the ancient yogic texts.

From my years of exercise industry training and continuing yoga studies, I learned that I do my best work when I am able to help people improve their sense of well-being and quality of life.

And that was clarified for me in 2003, when I had the opportunity to develop a group class for breast cancer survivors in collaboration with a gifted physical therapist …

The doors of my own heart and mind opened, leading me into the integrative movement programs I offer today.

I love having the conversation that begins with “What would you most enjoy? What is possible right now?”

If you are seeking guidance in beginning or returning to exercise, or are inspired to invite yoga and other stress-reduction practices into your life, I’d love to have that conversation with you.

Contact me by email and we’ll schedule a time to talk.