Optimum Well-Being Programs

Your body reflects your physical and emotional history on many levels.

You may have limited motion or scar tissue from past injuries, bone density changes from medications or menopause, or neck and back pain from long-term postural habits.

Fitness activities that used to feel great may no longer be the right fit for your body, and you may be thinking that you want to try something different and new.

You may simply have unexplained aches and pains that keep recurring, that keep you awake at night, sapping your vitality and making you feel less resilient.


Help for Optimizing Your Movement

I know these feelings very well and am well versed in many of the best practices to keep you moving with confidence.  

Whether you are a traditional exercise enthusiast or you want to develop a home yoga practice, are wondering how to get back into movement after some time away - or you simply want to find your way toward feeling better in your body...

I can help you create a program that is balanced and enjoyable, and will enable you to start where you are right now.


Your Program: Informed and Fully Engaged

What I’ve noticed in two decades of specializing in individualized exercise and yoga programs is that we benefit most from our movement practice when we understand how and why our bodies and minds are positively affected.

I will help you understand the body-mind effects and benefits of each of your activities so that you are fully engaged in your well-being.

Your movement program may include some or all of these elements:

  • yoga and/or postural alignment practices
  • strength and flexibility practices
  • stress reduction, body sensing, breathing practices
  • guidelines and goals for cardiovascular exercise

Here's an example of the process for creating your personalized plan:

I.   We meet in my studio or in your home for an initial assessment of your strength, postural alignment, flexibility, and we discuss your exercise history and preferences – what has worked in the past, what you enjoy doing, what your current needs are. Together we develop a plan of action that will enable you to move forward with confidence.

II.   We schedule from 3 to 5 additional sessions to design your program. You will learn how to safely execute your exercises, yoga postures or blend of movements and practices that are personalized for you. We work together until we both feel that you can implement your program on your own with assurance and self-reliance.

III.   We meet again in 4 to 6 weeks to review, reassess and make changes in your program that reflect the progress you have made. During this time, you have unlimited access to me for questions via email or phone appointments as needed.

 IV.   Repeat Step III for as long as it supports your needs and desires. 

When you are ready to move on, I will happily provide you with encouragement, ideas and referrals.


Let’s Get Started

I would love to talk with you about the difference a program designed to help you optimize your well-being can make.

The best way to start is by emailing me so we can arrange a time to talk together.